Magnet Grabber

Place Trackers Here One Per Line.. If Needed (Use Dragdown)

Blah Blah More To Be Added after i make a Sandwich what what! not my job lol

◙ Have removed all searchboxes Aug 2022 edit: Sept 2022 due to people using it for copyright/illegal downloads
◙ Mayonaise or not, nothing beats that dripping sensation lol
◙ This here is designed for people sharing with out posting on a suspect site
◙ All you need is the info-hash of the torrent that was created by yourself to share to your friends/group
◙ Torrents are not illegal but a great way to share to each other. Behave!
◙ Use DHT if needed or if Private bit set be sure the other party/ies has the tracker

Updated Nov 2022 and again while eating a Sandwich Dec 2022